Welcome to Sons of the Patriots! We are a like minded group of people who believe that America is going down a path she may not be able to come back from. By empowering our readers with knowledge and a platform to stand up for their patriotic beliefs we hope to give rise to a new element in America's history. One that will be looked back on by future generations as an inspiration and testament to the everyday men and women who did not stay silent when their county needed them the most. Those men and women are you, and the time is now.
On July 4th of 1776 a group of men established the Declaration of Independence. They were prepared to lay everything on the line to start the legacy known as America. These men were patriots. They went on to teach these values  to their children and grandchildren. We come from a long proud lineage of men and women who fought and died to make this country a beacon of hope. Our name is derived from being their descendants. We are honored to hold the title Sons of the Patriots.
Who we are not.
We are not close minded, racist, anti-government, conspiracy theorist, or propaganda reporters. You may find some issues where you don't hold the same views as us but we implore you to keep reading and have an open dialog. If you have an intelligent response for why you feel the way you do about a certain issue we are open to that and we encourage you to write in. Our goal is about uniting America and making sure you, our readers are informed and ready for whatever may come. That means regardless of your gender, race, or creed we want you to stand with us under the same banner and be proud of who you are - an American!
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